February 2016: Nerman Museum, Kansas Focus Gallery

February 4 - July 1

Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, Kansas

Six of Lori’s images from The City series will inaugurate the new first-floor gallery dedicated to artists who have lived, worked, been educated or born in Kansas. 



February 2016: Lehman College of Art Gallery

Architectural Intersections  February 4 - April 28

The exhibition looks at approximately fifteen artists whose work addresses a variety of architectural notions using painting, photography, installation, video, sculpture, and conceptual intervention. Works in the show explore space, scale, geometry and color (Lori Nix, Alois Kronschlaeger). Artists use architecture as a backdrop to reflect about time (Laercio Redondo, Jorge Tacla, Linda Cunningham), politics (Doris Salcedo), and identity (Jean Shin.) Existing and imagined cityscapes take on memory (Ion Zupcu), and history (Richard Haas). Other works are the common ground where art and architecture fuse with one another (Pierre Dorion, Peter Campus.)

Participating artists are: Peter Campus, Linda Cunningham, Pierre Dorion, Richard Haas, Alois Kronschlaeger, Lori Nix, Laercio Redondo, Doris Salcedo, Jean Shin, Jorge Tacla, and Ion Zupcu.


Tornonto, Ontario, February 6 - February 20

Visit Bau-Xi Photo here

January 2016: The Mini Time Machine Museum

The Mini Time Machine presents Feel Big, Live Small, originally organized by Elan Smithee for Apexart in New York City. In this re-staging, twelve artists explore the psychological impact of recreating our surroundings in believable albeit tiny renditions, eliciting a range of emotional responses, from nostalgia to critical analysis of the world. 

Participating artists are: Matthew Albanese, Alice Bartlett, Dante Brebner, Citizen Brick, Thomas Doyle, Idan Levin, Kendal Murray, Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber, Serial Cut, Tracey Snelling and Daisy Tainton.